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Tammy Taylor Nail Gel Application DVD

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Price: $17.96
Item Number: M0268
Manufacturer: Tammy Taylor
Mfr. Part No: 655971672727
Whether you are new to gels or an experienced user, now is the time to discover Tammy Taylor Soak-Off Gel.
* Ease of application
* Predictable results
* George, lightweight enhancements
* Flexible, so it flexes with the natural nail and does not cause any pressure on the nail bed.
* Very light feeling and thin, so the client feels NO tightness or heaviness
* Clients who are used to having natural nails and only wear polish, will not feel any different than when wearing polish, except their nails will be stronger and more beautiful.
* There is no damage done to the natural nail
* Manicures do not chip
* Natural nails grow out fast and beautiful
* Easy to apply for a smooth, flawless and shiny nail
* NO filing needed for overlays on natural nails
* Very gentle on the natural nail, promoting healthy natural nail growth
* Shiny finish, and without the use of polish or buffing
* Strong and Durable, even when applied thin like polish