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Airbrush Top coat

  • U2 French Airbrush Sealer - .5oz

    U2 French Airbrush Sealer - .5oz

    High Gloss  Acrylic Sealer Top Coat, to Keep Your Pink & White Acrylic Nails From Yellowing. You do not need a light to dry it, so you can keep your bottle with you to touch up in between fills  * Is a High Gloss (U.V.) Acrylic Sealer Top...

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  • U2 Airbrush Topcoat - .5oz

    U2 Airbrush Topcoat - .5oz

    Keep decals beautiful and vibrant with this professional liquid plastic, non-yellowing coat that contains U.V. inhibitors. Ideal top coat for all your airbrushing artwork, can be used with oil and water based airbrushed paints.

    MSRP: $6.95
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